from looking at line 14 here
i'd say:
ad 1. RECOGNIZABLE_FORMATS = ["mods", "marc", "endnote", "ris",
"bibtex", "rdf"] also see function checkFormats
ad 2. the order listed above
ad 4.: from my experience the unapi scraper takes precedence over coins

On Tue, Apr 6, 2010 at 3:48 PM, Jonathan Rochkind <> wrote:
> Anyone know if there's any developer documentation for Zotero on it's use of
> unAPI?  Alternately, anyone know where I can find the answers to these
> questions, or know the answers to these questions themselves?
> 1. What formats will Zotero use via unAPI. What mime content-types does it
> use to recognize those formats (sometimes a format has several in use, or no
> official content-type).
> 2. What is Zotero's order of preference when multiple formats via unAPI are
> available?
> 3. Will Zotero get confused if different documents on the page have
> different formats available?  This can be described with unAPI, but it seems
> atypical, so not sure if it will confuse Zotero.
> 4. If both unAPI and COinS are on a given page -- will Zotero use both
> (resulting in possible double-import for citations exposed both ways). Or
> only one? Or depends on how you set up the HTML?
> 5. Somewhere that now I can't find I saw a mention of a "Zotero RDF" format
> that Zotero would consume via unAPI. Is there any documentation of this
> format/vocabulary, how can I find out how to write it?

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