Voyager, as of 7.0, does now have Bib and item level data through api

On Thu, Apr 8, 2010 at 1:32 PM, Ryan Eby <> wrote:

> It would probably be worth putting your findings on the code4lib wiki
> if you end up getting very far.
> I had started a list awhile ago but never got around to getting more
> info/completing it. Here's what I have so far based on talking with
> people. The information may be out of date:
> Evergreen and Koha both have database access and various API's. Not
> sure on the hosted liblime koha.
> Voyager
> *Export
> Built in. Can export Marc with bib, holdings and authorities records,
> though marc is often mangled (from person i talked to).
> *Database Access
> Built in. Uses Oracle and also provides entity-relationship diagrams
> and some pre-build "views" to help in development. Believe the oracle
> license is also included in the base price. Access is read-only.
> *API's and Web Services
> Built in. z39 access, however with SQL access you could likely build
> the API you need.
> Unicorn
> * Export
> Built in. MARC21 or flat file formats. Unicode support is available as an
> extra.
> * Database Access
> Mixed. No access to the embedded Informix database by default; API
> training is necessary for read-only access. Oracle is an extra option,
> but that only gives you a read-only license. For write access, you
> need a full Oracle license. SQL schema is supplied if you purchase API
> training.
> * API's and Web Services
> Mixed. Z39.50 is offered (not sure if it's an extra). "API access" is
> an extra - basically you pay for docs of Unix-like commands and the
> ability to pay for API support if you screw up. API training also
> gives you some access to the client/server wire protocol so you can
> roll your own. No Web services. Utterly unusable XML API (it basically
> wraps the wire protocol with no abstraction).
> Innovative
> * Export
> Built In. Can dump Marc or CSV files of specific field data
> * Database Access
> Extra. There is a Oracle option with an additional cost with the
> default being a proprietary database without access. From what I've
> heard the Oracle tables are not documented overly well. There also
> appears to be mysql used for some data as well.
> *API's and Web Services
> Extra. Z39 is offered as a product. There used to be an XML server but
> this appears to have been discontinued. There appears to be more web
> services in the works though they also appear to be additional
> products. XRecord is built in but doesn't easily allow access to
> attached items given a bib
> eby
> > Anna Headley wrote:
> >>
> >> I am looking to find or create a shortlist of ILSes, open or
> proprietary,
> >> that provide API access to bibliographic and item-level data.  I am
> really
> >> only looking for ILSes that are used by academic libraries.
> >>
> >> Do you know of any resources that might be helpful?  I started with
> >> Marshall Breeding's 2009 Perceptions report, but it doesn't include much
> >> information about a given ILS.
> >>
> >> Or, do you use such an ILS in your library?
> >>
> >> So far my list is: Evergreen
> >>
> >> Thank you!!
> >> Anna
> >>
> >>
> >

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