Have you taken a look at my recent issue of Library Technology Reports: 
  Opening up Library Systems through Web Services and SOA: Hype or Reality?

One component of this report are data about each of the major systems that 
describe the API's that they provide to libraries for accessing and 
manipulating internal data and functionality.

I hope this helps.


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Subject: [CODE4LIB] ILS short list

I am looking to find or create a shortlist of ILSes, open or 
proprietary, that provide API access to bibliographic and item-level 
data.  I am really only looking for ILSes that are used by academic 

Do you know of any resources that might be helpful?  I started with 
Marshall Breeding's 2009 Perceptions report, but it doesn't include much 
information about a given ILS.

Or, do you use such an ILS in your library?

So far my list is: Evergreen

Thank you!!

Anna Headley
Swarthmore College Library

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