I wouldn't count on the community using anything, just because random people on the listserv voted on it.

If you're coding it, you should take account of the feedback, and then go on and create something that YOU will use, and makes sense to you. And then hope other people do too. That's pretty much the best you can do.

Vote by random people on a listserv is hardly a guarantee of getting a standard that actually works, or that people actually use -- just look at OpenURL 1.0!

Tim Spalding wrote:
Can we just hold a vote or something?

I'm happy to do whatever the community here wants and will actually
use. I want to do something that will be usable by others. I also
favor something dead simple, so it will be implemented. If we don't
reach some sort of conclusion, this is an interesting waste of time. I
propose only people engaged in doing something along these lines get
to vote?


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