Jakob Voss wrote:
I. Identifiy publication => this can *only* be done seriously with identifiers like ISBN, DOI, OCLCNum, LCCN etc.
Ah, but for better or for worse, that's not the world we live in. We have LOTS of publications that either lack such identifiers altogether, or where information about identifiers is not available. (Mostly the former). That we need to identify. This is an actual use case, you can't just dismiss it by saying it can't be done!

The biggest example is pretty much every scholarly journal article. (A significant _minority_ have DOI or pmid; the majority have neither). And we DO identify these articles, by a description meant to serve as identification, often by using OpenURL. Maybe we're not doing it "seriously", but it's a real use case, and it's being done in the wild in production.


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