Jakob Voss wrote:

Call me pedantic but if you do not have an identifier than there is no hope to identity the publication by means of metadata. You only *describe* it with metadata and use additional heuristics (mostly search engines) to hopefully identify the publication based on the description.
But the entire OpenURL infrastructure DOES this, and does it without using search engines. It's a real world use case that has a solution in production! So, yeah, I call you pedantic for wanting to pretend the use case and the real world solution doesn't exist. :)

You can call it "description" rather than "identification" if you like, that is a question of terminology. But it's description that is meant to uniquely identify a particular publication, and that a whole bunch of software in use every day succesfully uses to identify a particular publication.

It IS a hacky and error-prone solution, to be sure. But it's the best solution we've got, because it's simply a fact that we have many publications we want to identify that lack standard identifiers.

If a twitter annotation setup wants to be able to identify publications that don't have standard identifiers, then you don't want to ignore this use case and how actually in production software currently deals with it. You can perhaps find a better way to deal with it -- I'm certainly not arguing for OpenURL as the be all end all, I rather hate OpenURL actually. But dismissing it as "impossible" is indeed pedantic, since it's being done!


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