On Tuesday, October 11, 2016 at 6:26:39 PM UTC-7, Shai Almog wrote:
> This was announced quite a while back (3.3 release if I remember 
> correctly). We need to to do it to increase iOS portability as the scanning 
> lib had bitcode issues.

I knew it was coming but as your implementation still worked... 

> Is it possible you downloaded the HTML link to the file and not the 
> library binary?
> Delete that file.

It looks like a binary file, 2,626,544 bytes long. libs/impl starts out as 
just empty folders and after the refresh has all the code including  

Make sure your plugin is updated.

I have the latest, 3.5.5

> Right click the project select "Codename One -> Codename One Settings -> 
> Extensions" type scan and install.

I did this and Update was displayed next to the scanner library, I updated 
and refreshed but no difference.

I have three CodenameOne apps so far I had only added the scanner library 
to 1. I now added it to the other two by downloading from extensions and 
refreshing, same problem.

The compiler cannot find the includes, yet the class files are there under 
libs/impl with the correct package name. Is there some change I need to 
make to the build file

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