On Wednesday, October 12, 2016 at 6:48:58 PM UTC-7, Shai Almog wrote:
> We didn't have a choice to remove it once we came out with xcode 7.x 
> support. It was problematic there.
> Did you when you save in Codename One Settings does it prompt you to 
> update the build.xml?
> Did you update it?

The only time I have ever been prompted to update build.xml is when 
updating the plugin. I always do it. I do not get prompted to update 
build.xml when installing an extension. My build.xml file was updated 
earlier this week when I updated to the latest plugin. My 
project.properties file was last updated an the end of September. 

While I was looking in the nbproject folder I noticed that build-impl.xml 
was dated from 2012. It doesn't look like it was ever updated. Will this be 
a problem?

> If this is a really old project then just create a new project and look at 
> the classpath in the project preferences for the new project. Make sure it 
> matches the classpath of the old project.

I did that, see above, I was able to fix the classpath problem but I still 
could not run the app in the simulator. I get class not found errors. I was 
hoping there was a way to force an update.  I will go back and compare the 
two and see if I can get everything working.

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