I need to store some byte encoded serialized objects (like protobuf encoded 
objects and similar) into an SQLite table. But I have seen in the forum 
that there was some issues with the support of BLOB type in SQLite by CN1. 
However, these posts are quite old and since then, some plugins like 
https://github.com/shannah/cn1-spatialite have appeared that seems to work 
with BLOB type with no issue (spatilite encode each Geography object as a 
wkb BLOB object in the SQLite database and, as this plugin is working with 
both Android and iOS, I assume the support of BLOB type on iOS is no longer 
problematic, exept if this plugin is shipping with its own SQLite 
So can I use BLOB type in SQLite with CN1 without issue now (I am targeting 
Android and iOS only) or is it still problematic? If so, how can I write 
and read a byte array into an SQLite table (do I just have to pass the 
object as a byte[] object for it to be writen into my BLOB table column ?)
If the support of BLOB type is still problematic, the alternative would be 
to encode my bytes buffer objects as String before storing them into the 
database (with base64 encoding or someting similar) but I would really 
avoid the unecessary bytes<->String encoding/decoding and storage overhead 
if I can... 

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