> We'd need to detect the various types of arguments that are submitted and 
>> convert them to native calls for iOS. Passing arrays and other arbitrary 
>> objects to the C layer in the iOS port is painful so no one got around to 
>> do it for years. As I said, the demand for this was low and our resources 
>> are low as well.
It can be handled really easily. I posted an RFE on github that explains 
it. It shouldn't take more than 1h to implement the objC part and test it 
(unfortunatelly I can't test iOS native code locally else I would have done 
it and submited a pull request. There is also some mentions of the 
in the current code and I don't really know what it is (what is this new VM 
and what is the old one?) reason why I prefered to let you write that part 
of the code. But I would write it in my fork of CN1 if I have to...)

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