cameronlee314 commented on a change in pull request #1278: SAMZA-2458: Update 
ProcessJobFactory and ThreadJobFactory to load full job config

 File path: 
 @@ -22,25 +22,48 @@ package org.apache.samza.job.local
 import java.util
 import org.apache.samza.SamzaException
+import org.apache.samza.application.ApplicationUtil
+import org.apache.samza.application.descriptors.ApplicationDescriptorUtil
 import org.apache.samza.config.{Config, JobConfig, TaskConfig}
 import org.apache.samza.container.TaskName
 import org.apache.samza.coordinator.metadatastore.{CoordinatorStreamStore, 
 import org.apache.samza.coordinator.{JobModelManager, MetadataResourceUtil}
+import org.apache.samza.execution.RemoteJobPlanner
 import org.apache.samza.job.model.JobModelUtil
 import org.apache.samza.job.{CommandBuilder, ShellCommandBuilder, StreamJob, 
 import org.apache.samza.metrics.MetricsRegistryMap
 import org.apache.samza.startpoint.StartpointManager
-import org.apache.samza.util.{CoordinatorStreamUtil, Logging, ReflectionUtil}
+import org.apache.samza.util.{ConfigUtil, CoordinatorStreamUtil, 
DiagnosticsUtil, Logging, ReflectionUtil}
 import scala.collection.JavaConversions._
- * Creates a stand alone ProcessJob with the specified config.
+ * Creates a ProcessJob with the specified config.
 class ProcessJobFactory extends StreamJobFactory with Logging {
-  def getJob(config: Config): StreamJob = {
+  def getJob(submissionConfig: Config): StreamJob = {
+    var config = submissionConfig
+    if (new JobConfig(submissionConfig).getConfigLoaderFactory.isPresent) {
+      val originalConfig = ConfigUtil.loadConfig(submissionConfig)
+      // Execute planning
+      val planner = new 
+      val jobConfigs = planner.prepareJobs
+      if (jobConfigs.size != 1) {
+        throw new SamzaException("Only single process job is supported.")
+      }
+      // This is the full job config
+      config = jobConfigs.get(0)
+      // This needs to be consistent with RemoteApplicationRunner#run where 
JobRunner#submit to be called instead of JobRunner#run
+      CoordinatorStreamUtil.writeConfigToCoordinatorStream(config)
+      DiagnosticsUtil.createDiagnosticsStream(config)
 Review comment:
   Similar to above: does this only need to be consistent with 

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