> On 19 Sep 2016, at 15:09, Frank Habicht <ge...@geier.ne.tz> wrote:
> Hi Alan,
> rough thoughts...
> 1. announcement to PDP list as soon as practically possible after the
>   resolution of the board (max 7 calendar days)
> 2. discussion in the next PDP meeting with gauging acceptance
>   (like any policy proposal)
> 3. few weeks last call (after PDP meeting minutes posted to mailing
>   list)
> 4. call of consensus or not by PDP chairs
> 5. no ratification of board - instead either
>   a) notification of positive consensus from PDP chairs to all or
>   b) 11.3 (ii) as proposed
> optionally, but I like:
> - if "overwhelming approval" on the mailing list between 1. and 2.
>  the PDP chairs can call consensus
>  (unsure how to word the optional last item)

That sounds too complicated to encode in the Bylaws.

Remember that we are considering the situation where the Board decides that it 
has to make policy without going through the normal process.  Perhaps there’s 
an emergency; perhaps there’s a policy proposal that has majority support but 
there are enough objections to prevent rough consensus; or perhaps there’s some 
other reason for the Board to bypass the normal process.

I’d suggest a simple vote, where the community can decide that the Board was 
wrong.  Since it involves policy, it should probably be a vote of PDWG 
participants, not a vote of Members.

Alan Barrett

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