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> One point I observed has not been captured in the summary (which i also 
> suggested), was to limit the Independent Director seat to "at most" one per 
> region at any given time. This will address a possible situation where we end 
> up having 4 directors from a region.

I am averse to adding any language that engenders regional balance for
the Independent Director. The very essence of the Independent Seat, as
captured in 13.4.ii of the bylaws (text below), is to accommodate
other competences/dimensions/criteria other than regional balance.
Adding any such language would make the Independent Director no
different from Regional Directors, which would make it cease to be

However, given the realities on the ground -- like the scenario we had
during out last election -- I would support making this an
additional/optional criteria for NomCom to use when enough candidates
have been presented.

Bylaws extract:
13.4.ii: Two Directors elected ... upon the recommendation of the
NomCom based on their competencies and not their regional

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