Andrew Alston wrote:


> If we truly want v6 adoption, I’d argue we are going about it the wrong way, 
> we have to promote it into the corporate and home user market.  Only when 
> these markets start demanding IPv6 will we get true movement from the 
> majority of providers

I disagree. If the home user market needs to know or care about which version 
of the Internet Protocol is being used, or even know what the Internet Protocol 
is, things have gone wrong. Some parts of the corporate market do need to know 
but not most small and medium sized businesses. They just buy packaged services 
and can legitimately expect them to work as expected.

The providers on the list at with 
the big IPv6 deployments didn't survey their residential customers and ask them 
which version of IP they'd prefer. They made IPv6 an integral component of 
their systematic network upgrade. 


Leo Vegoda

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