Just as another note –

I am also working on something that will take the rest of the allocated 
prefixes (the ones that are announced), and tie them back to the originating 
ASN and then pull the actual percentage penetration for that particular ASN 
from other collector sites that work out penetration per ASN.

That way we will be able to see the ASN’s who are announcing and actually doing 
something with their v6, vs those that are announcing purely to put it in the 
same with no real use of it.

Hopefully will have code ready to do that in the next 2 weeks as well.



From: Andrew Alston <andrew.als...@liquidtelecom.com>
Date: Sunday, 16 October 2016 at 11:37
To: General Discussions of AFRINIC <community-discuss@afrinic.net>
Subject: [Community-Discuss] Let's chat about unannounced v6 space!


I was interested to see – how much v6 was allocated by AfriNIC that was not 
announced into the tables and who was it allocated to, and decided to write 
something to take a look.

Now – some notes about the stuff on the page below – firstly this is generated 
by processing the routing tables from only one global view – there is a 
possibility that something is announced that for some reason is not in the 
table I’m checking on generation – but I’d say its pretty unlikely.

Secondly, there are IXP prefix’s on this page because there is no way to easily 
identify an Internet Exchange Point and remove them.  If there are IXP’s on 
that list that would like me to put a manual whitelist to remove their prefix’s 
from that page in entirety – let me know what the IXP is and what the prefix is 
and I can do that.

Thirdly – While I’ve done what I can to retrieve the allocation dates from the 
delegated file, for some reason certain things are in the whois database but 
not in the delegated file – this may be because of sub-allocations though I’m 
not 100% certain, once I figure this out I might be able to fix this as well – 
call it a bug right now.


With all that said – I present to you the list of people who have IPv6 but 
aren’t even announcing it:


NOTE: I’ve still got to put cron entries etc in – will hopefully get that done 
later today, at which point the page will update at midnight GMT+3 every day.  
Also please note that I give no guarantees as to the availability of this page 
or if I will maintain it in the long term – it’s probably best moved to another 
more stable location host, but because of how it works that’s not the easiest 
thing to do.

I’m working on another one for IPv4 at the moment – though that is more 
complicated and requires some pretty huge processing power to work it all out, 
especially if I want to figure out which allocations are only partially 
announced and work out percentage of block announcement.  This will hopefully 
come out in the next week time dependent.



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