On 16 Oct 2016, at 10:56, Andrew Alston wrote:

Just as another note –

I am also working on something that will take the rest of the allocated prefixes (the ones that are announced), and tie them back to the originating ASN

hi andrew,

doesn’t afrinic do this already (they used to, with the AIRRS report, but i haven’t looked in a long time).

that said, it’s always nice to see initiative, and perhaps you can do something new, so, by way of assistance, i offer: * since you’re doing this from one “full-view”, do you need another? * i can assist you quite easily with identifying the IXP peering prefixes, if you’d like (i.e those that should not be visible. for bonus points, perhaps you can flag those, that should *not* be, but are ;-))


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