That trstech page needs to clarify what it means by routed outside of the 
AfriNIC region.

Because I see subnets on that page that are 100% for certain inside the AfriNIC 
region and always have been.  If they mean originated under a RIPE assigned ASN 
– that is no indication of use outside of Africa.  Some useful stats there 
though – thanks.

As said – I will have the code to tie back partial announcements and 
non-existent announcements to org-id’s and organisations for v4 done shortly, 
and I’ll run a comparison against what is seeing by airrs.



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AIRRS(African Internet  Ressources and Routing Statistics)  can be seen at the 
URL below.

They are no longer maintained.

For the v4 space there is  another initiative at

Hope this helps


On Oct 17, 2016, at 9:47 PM, Andrew Alston 
<<>> wrote:

Hi Nishal,

Not as far as I know, but I could be wrong – I don’t think I’ve seen a single 
page output of stuff not announced and who it was allocated to – could be wrong 

As regards another full view – I could use another full view that is in IOS-XR 
format (from a show route ipv6) and accessible via ssh – the current code 
connects to the router and does an ssh2_exec with no PTY allocation to pull the 
table. (save me writing more code to read other formats and change the methods 
– so if you got anything like that it would be useful! – Otherwise if you can 
send me off list some output from whatever routers you have that have full 
table that aren’t XR when I have time I can take a look at how to match against 

If you can send me the list of IXP prefixes that shouldn’t be visible that 
would be awesome – I can write a whitelist fairly easily, and yes, its 
potentially possible for me to flag visible that shouldn’t be.

As a note – the v4 processing code is almost done – I was playing with this 
last night and I can already see partial announcements against the delegation 
file – the next step is tying that back to org-id’s and organisations and then 
publishing in similar format.  There are a coupla caveats behind that in the 
fact that the delegation file in AfriNIC for some strange reason is not on 
natural CIDR boundaries and the whois database also doesn’t store CIDR masks so 
some rather painful processing and aggregation has to happen before you 
actually do the comparison, but there should be a similar page for v4 out in 
the next few days.

If you have a list of v4 IXP prefix’s as a result, this would be useful as well.

Chat later


On 17/10/2016, 19:09, "Nishal Goburdhan" 
<<>> wrote:

   On 16 Oct 2016, at 10:56, Andrew Alston wrote:

Just as another note –

I am also working on something that will take the rest of the
allocated prefixes (the ones that are announced), and tie them back to
the originating ASN

   hi andrew,

   doesn’t afrinic do this already (they used to, with the AIRRS report,
   but i haven’t looked in a long time).

   that said, it’s always nice to see initiative, and perhaps you can do
   something new, so, by way of assistance, i offer:
   * since you’re doing this from one “full-view”, do you need
   * i can assist you quite easily with identifying the IXP peering
   prefixes, if you’d like  (i.e those that should not be visible.  for
   bonus points, perhaps you can flag those, that should *not* be, but are


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