On Tuesday 21 December 2004 11:50, Rodent of Unusual Size wrote:

> Then you're being uncommonly obtuse

obtuse? (is that insult or compliment? otoh getting the true meaning from a 
dictionary is probably not a good idea :o(  )

>  'I have a serious reservation about this because it appears to
> be xxx' is a loooong way from 'I will never agree to this because it is
> definitely xxx.'  And evidently you did absolutely nothing to 'solve' (your
> word) or otherwise address my reservation -- either that or you're hauling
> out my remark sans context in order to support your current point.

Since you ask me so harshly to keep under the lid what the exchange was in the 
coming mails, I can apparently not clarify where the 'solution path' led to, 
can I?

> As far as it goes, I continue to stand by that reservation.  IMHO, setting
> up a TLP because the would-be participants can't get along with the other
> people in their current TLP -- or those people can't get along with them --
> is not a good path.  Among other things, it could give both sets of people
> the idea that being fractious and divisive is acceptable behaviour.

Yet IMNSHO the establishment of the Excalibur TLP was more balkanization along 
people than technology, than the establishment of a Merlin/Metro TLP. So why 
did that happen? 

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