Niclas Hedhman wrote:
> That FUD is prevalent in ASF establishment, against its own contributors, for 
> unknown reasons, possibly unintentionally, by an unnamed, possibly unknown, 
> person or a group of persons. And that FUD is being amplified by everyone 
> else into facts, and *I* definately don't like these kind of patterns.

The only FUD I see here is that which you yourself are spreading.  I and
others are stating facts and personal opinions; you are the one waving around
the conspiracy theories.

> I think there is procedural value of walking through what have happened. A 
> bit 
> of transparency among how this organization is run vs how it states it is 
> run.

How it is run and how it is stated to have been run are one and the same.
That's my opinion, and apparently the opinion of the vast majority of
people involved and observing.  Just because the results don't align with
anyone's personal preferences does not make that equation false, nor
invalidate either one componment or the other.

> I would hope that the Board has an interest in that scrutiny of its 
> actions is regularly exercised, to clear its honorable members of any 
> misdoings, doesn't it?

Scrutiny, yes.  Repeated baseless polemic is not interesting.  Scrutiny
involves examining something to see what's going on.  It does not mean
going in with preconceived notions and the intent to do nothing but
find information supportive of them.

You don't seem the least bit interested in scrutinising anything.  You
seem solely interested in trying to convince the readership that your
view is the only true one, and that your desired outcome didn't come
about because it was thwarted by some evil cabal of secret conspirators.

Maybe that's not what you're trying to do, but it's sure how it's coming
across to me.  'Mandate'; 'FUD'; 'character assassination'; the specific
situation under discussion being inflated to 'FUD is prevalent in ASF
establishment' -- sheesh.
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