Danny Angus wrote:
On 08/08/05, Jean T. Anderson <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:

<some good stuff which I ruthlessly snipped/>

All the things you've said ring true for me, I find myself bending
over backwards sometimes to make sure that people don't misinterpret
brevity or rediection as a brush-off, and I've found that a small but
agravating minority of people treat jira as the forum for discussion.
I respond to personal mail with a polite "please re-post your query to
list xyx@ so that others may benefit from the reply"

But would an explanation help the people we're considering? Chances
are that these behaviours are a symptom of their failure to navigate
through the mire of uncoordinated documentation we have surrounding

Perhaps it won't directly affect the behavior of the one posting to Jira -- but it might make us look friendlier to those who are browsing old issues. :-)


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