Kristian 'kriss' Mueller skrev:
Lars Hallberg wrote:

This is a new one (Layout is 'numlock' one):

Nice idea. Had to change the code a bit, as the UI of the current
version fires up the keyboard if a text entry has the focus - see patch.

I intentionally gave the text entry focus so the cursor was visible. But it's not worth the keyboard popping up :-) That means You tested it on OpenMoko? On a neo even? Very curious :-p

For me it was hard to choose the right finger to tapping, so that a
second one could be used for actual selection.
It's better to just move one finger and release it at the needed key.
Anyway I like the idea.

That's the intended use. 'Two' in the subject means it was two demo's :-)

I guess one could learn to write short texts quite fast with one hand
that way.

Yes... When one learn where the secondary keys are and can start the stoke immediately it should be pretty fast.

The other demo, with 8 drag directions should be slightly faster as the drag target is closer and bigger. But the neighbouring keys should be OK (close), the keys at the screen edges (especialy the corners) should be ok (big). Some keys in the middle and top may be worse.

A god layout should take this in account... The demo have only a quick and ugly layout thou.

This key2key system have advantages to. The other demo have problems around the edges of the screen (drag going off screen) and less function per key (9 vs 12).

I'm trying to speed it up so it be a while before Your fix comes out.

Thanks /LaH

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