Kristian 'kriss' Mueller skrev:
Lars Hallberg wrote:
Kristian 'kriss' Mueller skrev:
Lars Hallberg wrote:

Yes, it's working on the neo - I took a screenshot, see

Thanks. From the screenshot the fonts seams to be way to big... I change 'scale' from 1.8 to 1.0 on the newer version. If it needs to be adjusted it is right at the top of the file.

It needs about a second to pop up the keys once you touched a number.

That is bad... But I don't think the new one is much better... Should probably work with images instead of text.

Maybe it would also be good to have a way to release the finger without
entering a key - "abort"

It's there.... just drag to the top of the screen (drag outside the keyboard).

I'm trying to speed it up so it be a while before Your fix comes out.

Not much faster I'm afraid, but a new version available at the same place:


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