Lars Hallberg wrote:
> Kristian 'kriss' Mueller skrev:
> > Lars Hallberg wrote:
> >>

> I intentionally gave the text entry focus so the cursor was visible. But 
> it's not worth the keyboard popping up :-) That means You tested it on 
> OpenMoko? On a neo even? Very curious :-p

Yes, it's working on the neo - I took a screenshot, see

It needs about a second to pop up the keys once you touched a number.

> > For me it was hard to choose the right finger to tapping, so that a
> > second one could be used for actual selection. 
> > 
> > It's better to just move one finger and release it at the needed key.
> > Anyway I like the idea.
> That's the intended use. 'Two' in the subject means it was two demo's :-)

Ah I see. but its also working when you use a second finger to select while 
the first is still ponting at the number...  :-)

> Yes... When one learn where the secondary keys are and can start the 
> stoke immediately it should be pretty fast.

Maybe it would also be good to have a way to release the finger without
entering a key - "abort"

> I'm trying to speed it up so it be a while before Your fix comes out.

'looking forward to it :-)

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