Thanks Morten Lysgaard for letting me on the "Finger Keyboard" project. Files is now in subversion. Changes include:

All program have now a short explanation in the textaria.

key2key: - Try to make the slow update less intrusive if You know what keys to tap/drag to, curios on how this feels on the neo, please report. Include Henryk Plötz fix for python < 2.5. A test where all keyboard 'pages' is rendered and shown one at the time in a viewport. Probably won't be faster then this with stock gtk buttons and labels??? The extra page use pixbuf to compare sped with labels. Needs targ.xpm. Speed reports from the neo are welcome.

octakey (new name for old

Fixed to hopefully render more sane on the neo.

Will not spam here any more. If Your interested, follow the project:

Major updates will be announced in project news or forum.

You are welcome to hack.

And... Yes... not *so* important now, but assuming this is a real keyboard implementation. What license is best... LGPL or GPL... Do anything but the OS/standard lib need to link to the keyboard?


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