Am Thu, 30 Aug 2007 20:12:00 +0200 schrieb Lars Hallberg:

> Both demos can easily be adjusted between 3x4 to 3x6 keys to test the 
> feel. I don't know hove easy it is to get a PyGTK demo running on the 
> phone... and they probably perform horribly. But I would be grateful
> for any report on hove easy the keys and strokes are to hit.

Hmm, I just ran it on a Neo and seems to work okay. The biggest problem
is that switching to the second set of displayed keys is awfully slow.
Apart from that it's only missing some optimizations of the layout.
(For example: Backspace absolutely needs to be a main key. Nobody needs
"^" as a main key.)

In order to run it on a Neo you need to install python-pygtk,
python-pygobject (might need ipkg install -force-overwrite since it
pulls in libc6-dev, but that's another story) and python-pycairo.

Henryk Plötz
Grüße aus Berlin
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