Baxter Kylie wrote:

take repeated jarring up and down? Also, is it too heavy or too big
for an armband strap?

Hmm. I think it really depends on your size. It seems pretty hardy to me. One of mine has suffered a slight drop with no problem.

Assuming the unit is up to these tasks I fully intend (with a gen2 in
hand) to try to get an app up and running for logging this type of
info ... anyone who thinks this is a good idea or has any additional
thoughts, I'd love to hear them!

I'm an avid cyclist and I am also thinking about a similar app. Something that integrates track data to a site like http:// (by Garmin though) would be very cool. It handles the mapping and data analysis.

I think this is where my GTA01 is going to head once new hardware revs come out. I don't want to strap my shiny Neo on my handlebars just yet, but as soon as I get my grubby hands on a new one, the GTA01 on my bike can start bluetoothing GPS data to my desktop and onto the web. :-)


PS. I've CC'd this to openmoko-apps since that where it belongs I think.

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