I've been following this project for a couple years with great
interest but I have a few questions (for those with gen1 and just
those with some knowledge of the possibilities/limitations of the

How hardy is the unit? I realize it has no moving parts but could it
take repeated jarring up and down? Also, is it too heavy or too big
for an armband strap?

I'm a marathon runner and words cannot describe how astounding it
would be for me to be able to find a waterproofed armband case for
this unit to take on runs. Not only could it provide cell service in
case of emergencies and act as my portable music player but with the
gps and accelerometers I could (with a little help) get some useful
runners' apps in place to track important numbers on runs -- not just
times on terrains but even stride data (assuming the accelerometers
are sensitive enough to track arm swing + impact).

Assuming the unit is up to these tasks I fully intend (with a gen2 in
hand) to try to get an app up and running for logging this type of
info ... anyone who thinks this is a good idea or has any additional
thoughts, I'd love to hear them!


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