Haha! Don't you just love OSS? ;-) I never even thought about HR
monitoring but if a HR monitor could be attached as well.... wowzers
this could be amazing. Nike/iPod eat your heart out.

I've had some recent expenses crop up that might prevent me from
acquiring an 02 and by the time I'm set 03 could be around the corner
so here's to crossing fingers that the emulated environment has means
of simulating accelerometer events so I can at least start work on the
software stack.


On 9/28/07, William Voorhees <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> I'm also very interested in developing a Sports/Exercise style application
> for the openmoko. I'm an avid cyclist and I have developed a little program
> to read HR monitor data from the Suunto Heart Rate monitor using the Suunto
> PC Pod. It's a USB device that communicates using the ANT ( thisisant.com)
> protocol. I'll try and post some info/code about my work sometime this
> weekend. We should be able to plug this into the openmoko to give it access
> to all kinds of sports monitoring equipment.
> -Will

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