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> No, it won't make the Moko more expensive.
> You pay through the nose for it because you HAVETO sign up for a 2 year
> contract minimum.
> The iPhone is AT LEAST twice as expensive as the Moko.
> In other words, if the Moko came with a 2 year contract it would
> basically be free.
> Please actually compare apples to apples.
> - Rob
> I don't know where my NDA stands on this. (I dont have the signed copy back
yet and I guess i wont be posting any more on this once I get it:-) I
discussed with a carrier in India and they were as the first offer willing
to offer unlimitid data on GPRS/Edge and free incomming for *one year* for
about $70 (more than half their normal rate) if their connection is sold
with the Freerunner.

So a more logical comparison (if you have to compare prices) would be
at $539 with two year unlimited data connection with the cost of the
I-phone+2 years unlimited data only connection* (I am not aware of the
prices as the I-phone plan pricing has not been announced in my country)

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