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> > Sounds like you got stuck with the crappy US model contract. AFAIK it's
> > only
> > the USA (and now India) where you pay to *receive* calls as well as make
> > them. Perhaps we're 'lucky' in Europe where inbound calls cost the callee
> > nothing..
> >
> >
> > Andy / ScaredyCat
> No all incoming calls are free in India and most handsets are sold without
> contract. This is a pay as you go (or prepaid) sim where they are willing
> to offer India Rupees 250/per month (1 USD=43 Indian rupees) for unlimited
> data and you can buy voice minuets as you like. what i meant by free
> incoming was that the sim will remain active for one year even if you dont
> buy any minuets at all and you can continue to receive free incoming calls
> for the entire year.
> The normal rate for unlimited data plan is between Indian Rupees Rs395-495
> + a basic rental of your contract (ranging between Rs 200 - 400 for normal
> users). Outgoing calls cost are extra.
> The Rs 250/month unlimited data was offered if we bundled their connection
> with the
> Freerunners we sold. At the moment we have no intentions of doing that as
> most of the early buyers form us will be developers but may offer it (or a
> better deal) as an *option *when mass market software is ready.
> Rakshat

Ahhh ok, thanks for clearing that up. My mistake.


Andy / ScaredyCat

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