The software is Free, the hardware is Free but not in the beer sense. 
Look, if om don't make enough money there is no gta04. It has shortcomings 
but it's still much better an idea than the iphone. Your software will be 
free, no 30% cut for developers to go to apple. Your abilities to use the 
device are free. It's a trade off, pay now or pay later through being 
locked down or having to give your developer cut to apple. Your choice.

On Tue, 10 Jun 2008, Jorge . wrote:

>> Granted, the Apple and AT&T partnership greatly subsidizes the cost,
>> because of the $960 ($40/mo unlimited data plan for 2 yrs) to $2400
>> ($100/mo unlimited voice/data for 2 yrs) that you'd spend with AT&T also
>> helps cover the hidden cost of the hardware.
> No doubt, but you can buy unlocked iPhones on many places, including internet 
> and they dont cost $960
>> What you're paying the extra money for, for the Freerunner, is the
>> freedom of doing whatever you want with your phone. Sure, the iPhone has
>> their SDK released, but all applications still have to go through Apple
>> to operate on your phone -- I don't know if the SDK even allows you to
>> build an application just for your own iPhone to test it. Also, their
>> mobile OS is closed source -- you have no access to hack or tweak it to
>> do *exactly* what you want it to. You can't change the applications that
>> come with the phone, you can't do a lot of things.
> Of course, thats why I want a FreeRunner!! but in the next months surely you 
> can buy an unlocked iPhone 3G on ebay or the chinatown for $200 USD, and it 
> affects the sales of FreeRunner, remember that GT02 is designed for mass 
> production, not only for geeks like us who love free software
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