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> On Wednesday 23 July 2008 03:39:54 Ken Restivo wrote:
> > Can someone document what hacks are available to bring the Illume keyboard
> > back, and to manually trigger it with that little "qwerty" button that used
> > to be there, in case the designers decide they don't want users to be able
> > to type things in anymore?
> Asking for "hacks" is almost certainly the wrong thing to do. So keyboard 
> stopped working in your org.openmoko.asu.stable build? Well, then let us 
> track down the regressions in e and illume.

right now - the keyboard (internal one) may or may not be enabled depending what
svn rev u get. i have not been updating the svnrev in asu.dev because i KNOW
what revs have it enabled or not. i need to make this a config option - i know,
but right now it's a 1 function call to create the internal kbd.

for me - the kbd works reliably with the internal keyboard. i have a test app
that can request the keyboard "automatically" (and i can have it request
different kinds of kbds) or request no kbd - at least on my desktop it works
100% of the time beautifully. i have run it on my freerunner too - and it works.

so you'll have to wait for dust to settle here.

Carsten Haitzler (The Rasterman) <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>

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