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> > what gesture, where? how? how ill this be able to not conflict with
> > operation of other apps? i am not so hot on gestures - especially ones that
> > use up the "whole screen" or parts o the screen where apps run - as now
> > gestures fight for usability with apps themselves. there is no
> > coordination. example:
> >
> > if the gesture was "slide up the screen from bottom to top" - how is this
> > gesture different from me dragging my finger to scroll a list in the
> > application on my screen? how do i make sure only ONE of these happens (the
> > keyboard pops up OR the scroll happens) and not both?
> >   
> I'm not sure, but I think he meant gesture as in accelerometer. Double 
> tap the phone for instance, or tap it on the bottom and it slides up, 
> and tap it on the top and it slides down... or...

hmm accelerometer - not going there right now. i have never played with them,
but - i do see there being a good use of them for something like this. twitch
phone up for displaying keyboard, twitch down for hiding. but until i have got
accelerometers firmly in hand - i'm sticking to the screen and buttons as
input. not saying "no" - just saying "not there yet".

need to consider if i should be listening to them in E as another kind of input
device and generate internal events, or if there should be a daemon messaging
commands or emitting keystrokes based on gestures. lots of things to solve
there before using accelerometers for this

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