On 21 Jul 2008, at 19:47, Carsten Haitzler (The Rasterman) wrote:
> ...
> the problem is the designers decided that ASU is not to have any  
> manual
> keyboard toggle button because it will disturb the design and/or  
> confuse users,
> so all apps and toolkits need modification to talk a "protocol" to  
> bring up the
> keyboard on demand (no manual controls). that is why you need to do  
> this.
> personally i think you need a manual control because, as such, many  
> apps and
> toolkits will not be changed, or they will get it wrong and give  
> you a keyboard
> when you don't want one, or decide not to give you one when you  
> do... but
> that's not my call.

Hi Carsten,

Sorry to trouble you, but who are these designers, please?

I think  many of us would like to contribute to the ASU, seeing as  
how it's the future of Openmoko, so this would appear to be a  
limitation upon community contributions.

Where are the design documents which say "no keyboard toggle button  
should be included", please? If one wishes to contribute code or  
patches to ASU then I guess it's necessary to know this, or one will  
find patches rejected because they don't meet this design specification?


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