On 12.09.2008 at 12:24 +0200, Tilman Baumann wrote:
> Differenciating between suspend and shutdown is terribely hard. I almost
> never get the thing to sleep because i fear i would press power too long
> and shut it down. What happens quite often never the less.

Agreed and this is especially annoying if you use the FreeRunner as a watch 
(like I do). On ASU that's: take the fr out of the pocket, press power, wait 
1-2 seconds, see the time and press power again. But on FSO (which has a nicer 
clock, btw ;)) that's: take the fr out, press power, wait 1-2 seconds, see the 
shiny clock and then wait 2-4 seconds till suspend is triggered or press the 
button too long and shut it down.
imho the 2 to 4 second timeout (I haven't figured out the exact time yet^^) is 
not really necessary, as the power button is so tiny, that it is very unlikely 
you press it by accident. So im my eyes a much better solution compared to the 
gui by Joachim Breitner, would be to disable the timeout completely.

-- Fabian

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