Am 12.09.2008 um 22:43 schrieb Michael 'Mickey' Lauer:

>>>> Now some Bugs:
>>>> Differenciating between suspend and shutdown is terribely hard.
>>> Hmm, I thought that bug was fixed. It takes 5 seconds to powerdown
>>> here,
>>> holding the button for 1 second should trigger suspend. Check  
>>> whether
>>> you have the latest illume-fso-theme or config.
>> I have that  milestone3 release from i think the day before  
>> yesterday.
>> (Fresh from the server even before it was released officially)
> Right, that one contained the bug :/

Can i opkg upgrade one packet stright away? Or are there new images  

>> I did not  upgrade because i fear this will overflow my flash again
>> and  trash the whole install. (gta01 ROM is clearly too small *g*)
>> And opkg handles this not very gracefully. :-/
>>>> Zhone does not show german umlauts correctly in SMS and it does not
>>>> concatenate big messages composed of multiple messages.
>>> Daniel?
>> Additional info. I believe it was sent by a Nokia N90.
>> If that  helps...
> Please contact Daniel to give him the SMS as PDU, so he can look into
> why decoding it fails.

Daniel, i hope you read the list. ;)

How can i 'extract' the messages?

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