Stefan Monnier wrote:
> That's probably not right.  You probably want to try "allow-hotplug
> ubs0" instead.  "auto" means to do it at boot time and it may just fail
> if (for some reason) the usb0 interface is not yet created.
>         Stefan
I could confirm this.
It doesn't work with "auto usb0" with "allow-hotplug usb0" it works just
Every time I plug the Freerunner in my debian etch it brings the
interface up.
I use the version from the wiki with a extra freerunner script.

My entry in /etc/network/interfaces:

allow-hotplug usb0
iface usb0 inet static
post-up /etc/network/freerunner start
pre-down /etc/network/freerunner stop

Someone should correct the wiki, should I?


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