On Fri, Nov 14, 2008 at 5:11 AM, Wolfgang Spraul <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> Openmoko actually has learnt a lot from this. First we have learnt to
> not trust high-level promises as much as before.
> In fact I would go as far as saying that going forward, we will not
> trust any promises about 'we will open this up later' anymore.
> Either it's open and documented at the time we make the decision to
> use those chips, or we look elsewhere.
> I believe that's what our customers want.

Agreed, and awesome.

> We have a long way to go to come out with kick-ass open phone
> hardware, but if our community doesn't loose faith and continues to do
> development together with us, we'll get there. The momentum we have
> built with the Freerunner is awesome. Please continue to buy
> Freerunners and to develop for it, same is happening internally. The
> next phones will build on top of the free platform we have built
> together, the technology investment will carry over.

*crosses fingers and hopes*

> Having said that, if someone wants to seriously develop for the glamo,
> please get in touch with me and we will find a legally correct way to
> extend the smedia documentation to you.
> In fact we have done that in a few cases before already, but I'm not
> sure how much actual codes have come out of that. I think very
> little ;-)
> So we need some really serious coders that don't mind a tough challenge.

I am not a skilled developer, but I would be more than happy to
organize, and participate in a traditional clean room
re-implementation of the documentation.

As a GTA02 owner, as a founding member of the Open Graphics Project,
as a Director of the Open Hardware Foundation, I believe I have the
resources to accomplish such a task.

I'd love to try.

Can we make it happen?


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