> 2008/11/14 Tim Schmidt <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>
>> I am not a skilled developer, but I would be more than happy to
>> organize, and participate in a traditional clean room
>> re-implementation of the documentation.
>> As a GTA02 owner, as a founding member of the Open Graphics Project,
>> as a Director of the Open Hardware Foundation, I believe I have the
>> resources to accomplish such a task.
> Up for this request Wolfgang :)

Yeah, Wolfgang, hopefully you didn't miss Tim's post, sounds promising
:) As do the other offers of help.

Minh wrote:
> To say what ?

"Skilled OpenGL hw driver developers welcome to join Glamo 3D
development efforts", with a link from the "to join Glamo 3D
development efforts" part to

(Also, to others, please do not make this topic into another "what are
the remaining problems with GTA02", but keep with the topic title
about OpenGL/Glamo... that said, to have again a bit more of positive
feedback, I'm happy (enough) daily user of FreeRunner with the recent
echo fix, re-register fix and suspend mostly working, in addition to
the joys of completely free phone... waiting for more fixes, of


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