Dear Wolfgang,

On Fri, Nov 14, 2008 at 09:11:40PM +0800, Wolfgang Spraul wrote:
> You say the current software is a 'joke', which is painful for me but  
> I accept it. From where we all want to be it's a joke, yes. Agreed.
> So that also answers your question when GTA03 will come out. It's a  
> long way, maybe another year.

If I wasn't such an adept to Free Software, I wouldn't have patience
to tolerate the problems. Some of the reasons the software stack is a
joke is not even the fault of OpenMoko.

Eg, the qtopia^Wqtextended interface has had a lot more years of life
and has so little???? :)

I'm so very glad to hear the news that the sales have been good enough,
it's really good to know that because it gives me reasonable expectation
that this most respectful company (because it dares to provide the unique
Free Software cell phone in suck a proprietary market) will be around
long enough for the worst bugs to be solved.

It was a terrible mistake to use hardware with NDA-only info, and that is
hurting a lot of your users. Please keep your focus there :)

Please consider that I'm really using it as a daily phone, and you can't
do anything else than grow a strong stomach for these critiques because
they are real problems:

 * White Screen of Death means the battery life is somewhere between 4
   and 8 hours (depending on number of calls, in extreme cases maybe even

 * Accelerometers that "freeze" after a short time of reads mean that
   accelerometer based applications are not useful on the long run (they
   need to be frequently restarted)

 * Slow 2D, no 3D

 * ...

I count myself lucky to not have a dead phone most of the time because I'm
almost always plugged to the wall, and as such the laptop powers up the Neo.

And I do spend an awful long time in front of the computer, the experience
is much worse on weekends (where I have to carry the wall charger around
with me).

I don't care about a good zhone/tichy/paroli/whatever if I can't use it because
the phone is out of juice :)

By frustrating that reading critiques may be, consider how frustrating it is
for me (and people who have the same problems) :)

People with less patience are selling their OpenMokos (I hope people with
better patience buy them).

I'm even willing to tryout experimental images aimed at trying to solve the
WSoD bug, as I've stopped importing my contacts (I grew tired of doing it
three to four times a week) and other things that take some time.


Hail Eris!
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