On 14 Nov 2008, at 13:11, Wolfgang Spraul wrote:
> ...
> We have decided to make changes to the hardware only incrementally,
> along product lines of our current chip vendors whenever possible, so
> that as much as possible of the software effort can carry over. We
> have decided to focus our internal software engineering on the low
> level, so that we leverage our insider knowledge about the hardware
> and schematics, while relying on the larger Free Software community to
> help with higher-level software.

Working yourselves on the Glamo may not fit with the goal to focus on  
the product lines to be used on FUTURE Openmoko devices.

Nevertheless I would urge you not to neglect the Glamo which, after  
all, does fit within the goal to "focus your internal software  
engineering on the low level".

If you neglect working drivers for this hardware you run the risk of  
having a huge installed base of users who have bought the Freerunner  
and who feel stitched-up and alienated when you release GTA03. If you  
release GTA03 and our Freerunners show lacking in the graphics  
(animations, menus, Exposé, transparency) departments, then that's how  
we're going to feel.

The Glamo might not be relevant to your future models, but ignoring it  
would make a huge statement to those who have bought Freerunners.

Personally, one of my reasons for buying Openmoko is that the vendor  
of my last phone decided it was a lame duck and stopped supporting it  
after 6 months. I buy open-source because it should guarantee a long  
future of product-support.

Having said that, I thought one of your engineers was already working  
on Glamo or XGlamo or whatever is required to use the chip's hardware  
acceleration. It would be good for Openmoko to reaffirm its commitment  
to that, to offer goals for getting it working & timeframes in which  
these will be achieved.


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