As It seems this thread is becoming more and more some sort of a whish-list, I 
will put my 2ct here also:

- Please don't add a camera: Has ever anyone made a picture with a mobile 
phone camera that doesn't suck? Get a real camera if you want to make some 
nice pictures! There is just one way to get a useful camera within a mobile 
phone: Using very expensive optical lens and zooming technologies. But in that 
case, I'd prefer to use the money for a 3G modem which brings me to the next 
point in my whishlist.
- 3G connectivity: Although it is very expensive, I think we _really_ need 
this one. I know so many people who would like to buy a Freerunner, but they 
don't do so because of the missing UMTS connectivity.
- The rest could stay just as it is in GTA 02. Im perfectly happy with it. 
Perhaps the slow Glamo could be exchanged... But afaik this is done already...


On Wednesday 17 December 2008 10:39:21 Laszlo KREKACS wrote:
> > Depending on the feature set that can cut both ways. It could also be a
> > case of "I was going to wait for gta03, but I absolutely can't have a
> > phone with a camera so I may as well get gta02 now" for example. A must
> > have for one person can be a deal breaker for another. I pick the camera
> > as an example as I used to work on a site where cameras weren't allowed,
> > but keypads and screen resolution have polarised opinions before too.
> Hi!
> I'm interesting only in two things:
> - camera (I assume yes, because of the camera interface of cpu;
>   would be rather dumb not using it)
> - better case design (the current one is not even in the league with
> other phones;-|)
> For case design, I find these (among others) great:
> -
> -
> - iphone
> In short: not make anything as stupid as a lanyard hole.
> I hope these features will be untouched:
> - vga screen
> - touchscreen
> - wifi
> - gps
> - usb host
> - sd card
> I expect these bugfixes:
> - better rfi design (no echo/buzz and ugly workarounds around them)
> - better audio quality
> - no glamo
> - better battery management (change the current PCF50633 PMU unit)
> - better 2D performance (should be achievable with the new samsung s3c6410
> cpu) - better SD handling (straightforward, if you remove the glamo)
> For me the release date is not important. I can wait one year without
> buying a freerunner,
> if it takes 1-2 year I will consider freerunner as an option, but
> likely I will buy an another
> phone.
> Best regards,
>  Laszlo
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