On Wed, Dec 24, 2008 at 1:40 PM, Sargun Dhillon
> wrote:

> I don't care for 3G. GSM is a crappy technology here in the states (I
> blame the implementors). We have flat data rates for a variety of
> reasons.
> Additionally, why are we expecting 3G from OM, they are having a hard
> time getting a phone right. Why are we holding them to the same
> standards as Apple, HTC, etc... Apple can't get 3G in the iPhone for
> two years. Their hardware staff is probably a thousand times bigger
> than the 2 guys working on mokoforesight right now. (Based on the
> assumption they have 2000 people doing hardware, including vendors,
> and contractors. Give OM a break.
> Please....
Also if there are reports of 3G dongles working well with the Freerunner,
please post them on this list/ wiki. Resellers can start stocking them if
the demand is there.

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