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> Sargun Dhillon wrote:
> > 
> > Additionally, why are we expecting 3G from OM, they are having a hard
> > time getting a phone right. Why are we holding them to the same
> > standards as Apple, HTC, etc... Apple can't get 3G in the iPhone for
> > two years.
> > 
> For which they were heavily criticised because smartphones (and not so smart
> phones) in Europe had had 3G for years.
> 3G is not a special feature any more, it's pretty basic in most handsets.
> The FR, with it's all-touchscreen interface and open nature *could* be
> forgiven for not having 3G. It's a shortcoming, but it's forgiveable when so
> much of the rest was at least near the state of the art - Linux, GPS, uSDHC
> etc.

actually the cpu (soc) and graphics are about as old-school as the 2g gprs. :)
definitely far from state of the art. only things on freerunner that are
"modern" are:

case design (sorry the indented screen is very old-school and severely limits
the finger-usability of the device - which as it has no stylus that is part of
it... is the intended use). :)

the rest.. is far behind. :) just trying to keep rumourmill from making it
seem better than it is... :)

> If 03 is released in a year or so without 3G it will have fallen way behind,
> especially as the touch screen control is no longer unusual.
> If the hardware is fixed at this point then, well, sorry, but OM ought to
> revise it.
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