Hi all

I spend the day creating a small zenity + bash application wich records the
sound from the built-in freerunner microphone into a wav file.

For OM, SHR :
The ipk file is attached to this email
You will need zenity to make it work

For DEBIAN + Hackable users :
I attached a tar file which contains only the /usr/ folders and files. To
install it, first install zenity then untar the file in your root filesystem
apt-get install zenity
cd /
tar -xvf voicenote_debian.tar
(you need to copy the tar file to / or change the previous command line and
specify the folder where you put it)

PS :
* for now, the "software" has no config file, and the voice notes are
recorded to the ~/ folder (file name "rec" + date and time). I will add some
configuration after
* next step is play the recorder files with aplay

Thanks in advance

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