Thanks for your help. I will follow your guide and post here to tell the
progress. I am still thinking of things to improve the soft.
I will keep in touch with the ml :D

By the way, I just put some basic info here :
It is way not complete (I need more time)


2009/2/20 Joachim Breitner <nome...@debian.org>

> Hi,
> Am Donnerstag, den 19.02.2009, 19:48 +0100 schrieb kimaidou:
> > Thansk for your answer.
> > * it is my 1st package, and my first email was about asking some help.
> > So thank for your reply
> > * to build the ipk file I used
> > http://www.oesf.org/index.php?title=IPKG_Howto
> > So for me this was a "blind" building. I don't know what the builder
> > put in the ipkg. Since I run debian, I was unable to test it under om
> > or SHR.
> > * For the untar thing under debian : I would like people to test the
> > thing. I did not knwow this way was the wrong way. I will try to build
> > a debian package when I have time. But please do it if you are
> > efficient in that.
> > * I will try to follow your how to if you have no time to do it.
> Generally, it is not expected that every author of any software can
> create proper Debian packages – after all, some work must be left for
> Debian maintainers.
> So if you think your package is out of the "I only need testers, but no
> users yet"-stage, feel free to contact
> pkg-fso-ma...@lists.alioth.debian.org and tell us about your program, we
> might package it for you.
> If you want to make stuff easy for us, follow these also otherwise valid
> rules:
>  * If you use automake, use "make dist" to create release tarballs. Make
> sure these contain everything. If you install additional data, make sure
> they are properly installed by make install.
>  * If you package a python application or module, same thing applies,
> only that you use ./setup.py sdist to create a tarball-
>  * If your package is just files (e.g. shell scripts and data), just tar
> them up and write in INSTALL where these should go.
>  * Files in /usr/bin/ should not have endings like .sh or .py, these are
> ugly when called from the shell and against Debian policy.
>  * Put copyright and licensing statements in all source files, and
> indicate where your icons are coming from and what license they are
> under.
> (this list is not exhaustive, but I'm tired, so that's it for now :-)
> Greetings,
> Joachim
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