Adam Jimerson wrote:
> Lately my freerunner seems to have gotten more unstable, some of the 
> things that it is doing include:
> 1. Not wanting to fully connect during phone calls, it says it is 
> connected but I can't hear them and they can't hear me (this may be a 
> problem with my carrier, T-Moble sucks around here)
> 2. Sound not working, I had my phone in vibrate and ring which use to 
> work but now it only vibrates

These two seems to be the same thing. Something is wrong with sound,
so you get no ringtone and no sound when connected.

> 3. The config app crashes when I try and launch it, so I can't change 
> any of its setting like turn on or off services, can't connect to wifi, 
> etc...
In an emergency, log in with ssh. Most configuration can be changed
in the /etc directory.

One thing to check when "everything breaks" is if the filesystem is
full. It may fill up over time because of logfiles.
Try the command "df".

> 4. GPS doesn't fully work, in the sets program that comes with FDOM it 
> takes a couple of minutes before it starts finding satelites but in 
> TangoGPS it never can find any even after 10+ minutes.
> 5. Installing/upgrading a program with opkg breaks it
> I have expectecd problems like these when I bought my freerunner but I 
> can't find a fix for any of them, flashing my kernel and distro only 
> delays the problem, it always comes back if not there after flashing it.

Time for another distribution maybe - FDOM is kind of old?
Tried the new SHR testing?

Helge Hafting

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