>> > 4. GPS doesn't fully work, in the sets program that comes with FDOM it
>> > takes a couple of minutes before it starts finding satelites but in
>> > TangoGPS it never can find any even after 10+ minutes.
>> > 5. Installing/upgrading a program with opkg breaks it
>> >
>> > I have expectecd problems like these when I bought my freerunner but I
>> > can't find a fix for any of them, flashing my kernel and distro only
>> > delays the problem, it always comes back if not there after flashing it.
>> Time for another distribution maybe - FDOM is kind of old?
>> Tried the new SHR testing?
> I will give SHR Testing a try
>> First off sorry about reposting, but after looking at the SHR wiki page
there is one concern and a question

On the wiki page this is listed under the "Known Issues"

 Address Book

SHR is not implementing a PIM (Personal Information Manager) yet. Work is in
progress, but to included in SHR testing this has some consequences on daily

   - Only contacts on the SIM card are available.

   - It is not possible to import a Vcard file.
      - It seems to be possible with
written by
      Zem <http://wiki.openmoko.org/wiki/User:Zem#DBus_Access_Scripts>.

None of my contacts are on my SIM card and it would take forever to move all
of them onto it, the link the the script quoted is a dead link does anyone
have a correct link they can point me to or a suggested app that can read
Vcards so  I can import my contacts from FDOM, copied onto my MicroSD card,
into SHR?

As for the question which one of the files on this server
http://build.shr-project.org/shr-testing/images/om-gta02/ is the Kernel
needed there seems to be two different ones.
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