Adam Jimerson wrote:

> None of my contacts are on my SIM card and it would take forever to move 
> all of them onto it, the link the the script quoted is a dead link does 
> anyone have a correct link they can point me to or a suggested app that 
> can read Vcards so  I can import my contacts from FDOM, copied onto my 
> MicroSD card, into SHR?
I know no such way. This part is currently missing in SHR, so maybe it 
is not a good distro for you yet.

> As for the question which one of the files on this server 
> is the Kernel 
> needed there seems to be two different ones.

These two are actually the same. With time there may be several kernels
in that directory, with different versions.
uImage-om-gta02-latest.bin is always a copy of the latest among them, so 
that people who don't follow version numbers and kernel development 
simply can grab the "latest" kernel, whatever it might be.

Helge Hafting

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