> thanks for you reply. I would need some more help before running the
> installation process. I will write a wiki page on openmoko.org

Ok, I try to be more verbose. If you have more questions, just ask :-):

>     There are also feeds for shr testing
>     http://meru.inf.ethz.ch/~rkralovi/shr
>     <http://meru.inf.ethz.ch/%7Erkralovi/shr>
> I will use this since I run SHR testing

Most of the packages was compiled on 19 March. So, if SHR testing didn't
change too much since then, it might be a good choice. If it doesn't
work, let me know an I try to recompile for recent SHR testing.

> I think SHR testing uses FSO5, so I have nothing to install, right ?

Shr uses FSO, but FSO-M5 is basically a different distribution, with
different versions of packages. So I am not sure if versions for FSO-M5
are ok to install into SHR testing.

>     So, basically it should just work if you add this to your opkg feeds:

You have to create a file /etc/opkg/meru.conf with the following content:

src/gz meru-all http://meru.inf.ethz.ch/~rkralovi/shr/ipk/all
src/gz meru-armv4t http://meru.inf.ethz.ch/~rkralovi/shr/ipk/armv4t
src/gz meru-om-gta02 http://meru.inf.ethz.ch/~rkralovi/shr/ipk/om-gta02

> After this, I will run opkg update


> Is this correct (or do I need to add some more command lines ?):

Try just
opkg update
opkg install xserver-kdrive-glamo xcompmgr qwo e-wm

I am not sure if xserver and e-wm will be reinstalled - if not, try
opkg -force-depends remove xserver-kdrive-glamo
opkg -force-depends remove e-wm
and then opkg install ...

> #modifiy the file */etc/X11/Xserver
> nano **/etc/X11/Xserver
> And add *ARGS="$ARGS +extension Composite"
> #creating a file to launch xcompmgr and load it
> echo "xcompmgr &" > /etc/X11/Xsession.d/xcompmgr_start
> chmod +x /etc/X11/Xsession.d/xcompmgr_start
> /etc/X11/Xsession.d/xcompmgr_start


After restarting illume and selecting qwo as the keyboard, everything
_should_ work. But please be aware that if the packages versions from
shr-testing of my repository are not compatible with your version of
shr-testing (which may well be the case), you can end up with quite
broken system. So I recommend you to have backup (maybe whole image of

> This is all I understoof reading your email and the webpage. Can you
> please comment / modify it ?

If you have more questions, just ask :-)


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